The Best Food Delicacies from the Streets of ST. Paul

Food is not simply about the stuff that people eat when they are hungry. It is awesome, delicious, inventive, colorful, inspiring, and more. A common love for food can bring two people together and can even make the saddest person feel a little better without even meaning to.

Today’s generation love traveling. With traveling comes food. And when you’re visiting St Paul, then trying new food could be an ideal way to shock your taste buds and open your mind. Here are some of the food specials in St Paul to sink your teeth into. They have been iconic and equally important to their cultures, and they taste pretty amazing too.

Sweet Pea’s public house:

Started in the year 2014, it’s a perfect pub for a relaxing lunch or dinner, a quick stop for those in a rush, or an evening hangout. They have a wide range of selections on their menu starting from the Gigantic Pretzel to the large selection of burgers and juicy Lucy’s. The burger starts from $7.99.

The Blucy at Blue Door pub

Although many places might provide traditional juicy Lucy’s with American cheese, the Blue Door Pub gives a contemporary take on the Minnesota culinary classic with The Blucy burger ($7.50). Garlic oozing out of a juicy patty and the blue cheese is a delicious riff on the classic, and could be a contender for the burger hall of fame easily.

Garlic Toast at Mancini’s:

The Mancini family has been serving up steaks and other meaty entrees since 1948, and walking into the brick and neon dining room is like going back in time. The toast, grilled on the same iron as the steaks, gives it a slightly beefy flavor, and the giant basket of garlic toast that is delivered to the table before the salad arrives is to die for.

Chicken Pot Pie at St. Paul grill:

They have a classic and fancy setting with superior quality service which adds to the charm that has made St. Paul Grill a destination for decades. The Twin Cities’ long-reigning chicken pot pie is all buttery, golden, flaky puff pastry and steaming creamy filling that’s well-executed and tasty. Along with potatoes, peas, onions, and tender, shredded chicken, there are carrots and celery with a little bit of crunch to make the perfect comfort food.

Oysters at Meritage:

If you’re a bivalve lover, there’s no other better place in the area to eat them, either in terms of selection and freshness (chef Russell Klein flies in fresh oysters daily) or ambiance. They serve East Coast and West Coast selections.

You’ll taste butter, copper or cucumber in your oyster. The pretty bar at this French bistro is situated in the downtown St. Paul.

Fish & Chips AT Mac’s:

It’s a tiny shack that feels like a roadside stand and order at the counter. While Mac’s has the obligatory cod, the spot also serves halibut and, the all-time favorite, the walleye. Whichever kind of fish you order, know that the batter comes out of the fryer a crispy golden brown and not so greasy that the taste of the fish remains uncompromised (cod basket $10.95, walleye $12.99, halibut $15.99).

We go looking for food specials in St Paul for many reasons besides hunger. When it comes to choosing what to eat many reasons like prsonal taste, family preferences, cultural influences, emotional reasons, health concerns, societal pressures, convenience, cost, and variety and quantity of the available offerings come into play.