Las Olas craft beer – Traditionally brewed beers

Beer is among the most preferred cold beverages around the world and men love to have them at parties and other special occasions. Beer is formulated with a small amount of alcohol which can get you a little tipsy but does not drive your senses to go overboard. There are different types of beer which are primarily made from grains, yeast, water and hops. However, other fruit extracts and flavours are also added to add a distinctive taste and flavour to them. Las Olas craft beer is a range of beers that are popular in the Las Olas Boulevard. Craft beer is usually a handmade beer prepared at local or small-scale breweries. The traditional method of beer making is opted for formulating these beers which give it a unique, classy and flavourful taste to these drinks.

Popular craft beers in Las Olas:

Las Olas is a well-known roadway of Fort Lauderdale that connects the Andrews Avenue and Fort Lauderdale beach. This boulevard is famous for its wine shops, bars, hotels, clubs, and much more. Las Olas literally means, ‘the waves’ in Spanish and Las Ola’s craft beer consists of different types of beers such as lagers, ales, IPA’s, Pale ales, and special edition bottles.

Las Olas lagers

Lagers are loved throughout America because they are not bitter and their taste does improve after storing them at very low temperatures. The Las Olas lagers taste sweeter and are ideal for individuals who do not like a sour or bitter tasting beer. The popular Las Olas lagers are Blue point toasted lager and Yuengling  lagers, that consist of 5.5 and 4.4 per cent of alcohol.

Las Olas ales:

Ale is specially formulated for people who like a fruity taste to their beer. The Las Olas ales are prepared by top fermentation process which gives it a unique and spectacular taste. The well-known New Castle Brown Ale imported from England is popular ale in Las Olas.

IPA’s of Las Olas:

IPA stands for Indian pale ales and is brewed from pale malts. They feature a pale colour and are hoppy beers which taste bitter. They are very popular in various parts of the world, especially in India, therefore are known as IPA beers. The Goose Island and Lagunitas are among the most preferred IPA’s in Las Olas.


The light colour and the strong taste of the PALE ALE beers make them very interesting as they provide a nice high after drinking. The colour of  PALE ALE’s gets darker when the taste is bitter making them ideal for parties. The Dogfish Head 60 minute and American Social are the most loved PALE ALE in Las Olas.

Special Bottles:

The special bottles consist of a relatively high content of alcohol in them and the beginners can get a bit tipsy after consuming them. They are brewed for special occasions and can also be used as gifts.

Final thoughts:

Beer is a local drink, USA and the Las Olas craft beer are very popular throughout the nation. These drinks are for individuals who have mastery on the finer details of taste and a strong appetite for different types of beers.