Healthy Eating at Italian Restaurants – Yes, You Heard That Right!

Dining at Italian restaurants is a guilty pleasure for those who are keen on controlling their calorie intake. Majority of the items in the menu are rich in cheese and creamy sauce and have high carbs and sodium content. To add up to this, many Italian serves offer breadsticks as complementary before your meal. However, these shouldn’t stop you from gorging on your favourite food.

If you are looking for options of Italian restaurant Miami, check out Joey’s which offers authentic Italian cuisine. You can follow simple tips to have your comfort food whilst staying within your calorie limit. Be aware of the items that are loaded with calories and go for healthier alternatives.

Basic Guidelines for healthy Italian food

  • The sauce you choose makes a huge difference on the nutritional value of the pasta. Stay away from creamy sauces. While ordering pasta, opt for one with tomato sauce rather than meat or cream sauce.
  • When pizza craving strikes, skip the fried and stuffed ones. Avoid toppings that are rich in calories and fats like bacon, pepperoni and sausage. Go for thin crust ones with veggie toppings.
  • To avoid being tempted of breadsticks, have a protein snack before you start to the restaurant.

Start light: Most of the popular items on the menu are the ones reserved for special occasions and holidays in Italy and they are high in calories. Start your meal with a broth-based vegan soup or if you are in a mood for salads, order a dinner salad or share bruschetta.

Portion before you start: Starting with a Caprese salad is a healthy choice since it has antioxidants from tomatoes and healthy fats from olive oil. Many Italian dishes have a huge serving size. If your start your meal with a soup or salad and then move on to pasta, you are likely to have leftover portions of pasta which can be packed in a to-go box.

Go light on the beverages: Instead of ordering alcoholic beverages or soda you could cut your calorie intake by ordering water. You could sip a glass of wine as it contains beneficial antioxidants.

Healthy sides: Roasted or grilled vegetables are a healthy side for your entrée. Fish cooked in olive oil tends to be on the lighter side too.

Desserts: Though it is healthy to skip the dessert section, some desserts are less deadly than others. Go for sorbets rather than ice creams.

We all tend to have our weaknesses when it comes to food. If you want to have a heavier dessert, skip the breadsticks or the pasta and your cravings are met.